Should food be viewed as a resource of nature, to protect the welfare of our planet, it's wildlife and other animals?  How do we provide food security, suitable education and create an equitable food culture, for future generations?

In this film, God calls upon us to save the Earth, sharing the following messages:  We are here to create Heaven on Earth.  We must look after the Earth and its creatures. Tend to the land and nurture the future.  We are all one, collectively moving forward in evolution and humanity has a duty to the Earth.  Our home is in danger of Karmic retribution, as we have slowly but surely decimated what was once a beautiful connection with nature.  Will we become saviours of our own destiny?


In only a hundred years, we have seen devastation to the natural world like no other time in history and many wildlife species are disappearing at an alarming rate.  The production, distribution and consumption of food is central to this problem, removing natural habitats and disrupting eco-systems on land and in our oceans and rivers.  As a result, species like insects, birds, small mammals and fish have declined in many places across the globe.  Populations are rising to record numbers and our demand for finite natural resources is increasing.  Food as a commodity, uses large quantities of natural resources including oil, land, natural gas, coal and water.  Many farmers and independent retailers have gone out of business due to the quantities needed to supply when trading.  Climate Change is already effecting harvests.  Famine is still prevalent in many parts of the world and poverty impacts a large percentage of the global populace.

A documentary looking at the plight to feed humanity, hoping to inspire a new generation and relationship to the Earth.  An animation sub-narrative will feature five creatures as they look to navigate their way through a web of cruelty and destruction. Religious and Spiritual philosophies, with moral signposts will present very real modern day problems.